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  • This ride is the ultimate. With good power and a full air ride, kids and even adults will hop on this and tear up the town! The Colt offers a wonderful blend of exhilarating fun, fitness and transportation all in one compact package. You will not find a better-handling ride on the market. Riders will love its unique hybrid carving action that offers body...

  • The Pon-e 36v Lite comes equipped with fitness tires that make it easier to propel using your body power. The 36v 9Ah battery will get you 10-18 miles per charge. The motor is 180 watt. Weight 41lbs with battery. Not recommended for hilly areas. Dual speed settings: Econo: 9mph and Express:13mph

  • The Pon-e 48V is the top of the Electric line. Equiped with a 48v longer range battery (15-24 miles on a single charge) and 350 watt motor for more torque up hill. Still very portable at 37lbs – 46lbs with battery.Dual Speed Settings: Econo: 12mph and Express: 16mphMotorcycle grade tires.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items