• Our most popular model – equipped with 8.5” air tires, disc brakes, aircraft grade aluminum frame and upgraded components. Beautifully finished, the T8 Sport offers high performance while still remaining very portable.

  • Comes equipped with rear polyurethane wheels and an 8.5” air front tire mounted on an aluminum rim. If you are a beginner, this is a great place to start. Poly wheels have less rolling resistance and most learn quicker on the poly wheels (if used on smooth pavement). Once acclimated, most convert to all air tires to handle rougher pavement.

  • The Pon-e 48V is the top of the Electric line. Equiped with a 48v longer range battery (15-24 miles on a single charge) and 350 watt motor for more torque up hill. Still very portable at 37lbs – 46lbs with battery.Dual Speed Settings: Econo: 12mph and Express: 16mphMotorcycle grade tires.

  • The Pon-e 36v Lite comes equipped with fitness tires that make it easier to propel using your body power. The 36v 9Ah battery will get you 10-18 miles per charge. The motor is 180 watt. Weight 41lbs with battery. Not recommended for hilly areas. Dual speed settings: Econo: 9mph and Express:13mph

  • This ride is the ultimate. With good power and a full air ride, kids and even adults will hop on this and tear up the town! The Colt offers a wonderful blend of exhilarating fun, fitness and transportation all in one compact package. You will not find a better-handling ride on the market. Riders will love its unique hybrid carving action that offers body...

  • The top of our line of steel-framed vehicles. Features the T8 style handlebars mounted on an aluminum stem, all 8.5” air tires on machined aluminum rims, animal-free leather hand grips, upgraded brake cables and upgraded, aluminum brake levers. A great all around ride.

  • The perfect ride for kids eight and up or smaller adults. This all polyurethane wheel configuration enhances speed and quicker learning. Steel frame also allows you to convert to larger poly wheels or to 8.5” air tires when ready.

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Who we are?

Trikke Tech, Inc. is the world leader in 3-point cambering vehicles for commercial and recreational uses, fitness, and personal transportation. Since 2000, Trikke has sold hundreds of thousands of vehicles that utilize its patented cambering technology to enthusiasts worldwide. The product line includes electric vehicles, body-propelled vehicles and the Skki – a downhill snow vehicle.